Menendez's simplified shallow water approach

Mark Menendez is an affable chap, but if you’re peddling the quantity vs. quality premise, he’s going to cross his arms and turn his head every time. Why? Because he’s dialed in on a game plan that affords him plenty of the former with significant expectation of the latter.

Entrusting his shallow-water game almost exclusively to a craw bait, Menendez feels he has a mental advantage by eliminating the constant internal debate over limits and kickers. He’s partial to the Strike King Rage Craw, but his wisdom fits, regardless of your preference.

“I use the Strike King Rage Craw because this bait allows me to get that bigger bite without cutting out the quantity of keeper bites,” he said. “I might take a jig and craw combo and only get five to eight bites a day, with just that Rage Craw, I’m going to get 15 to 20 bites a day.

“The more bites, the more chances I have of getting that bigger fish. Given the efficiency of the Rage Craw on a Texas rig, I have to make myself fish a jig now."