Drew Cook: Guntersville go-getter

Drew Cook’s a nice enough guy, but come tournament time, he doesn’t like company — particularly on lakes where company grows thick. That’s why spectators and media boats patrolling Lake Guntersville’s perennial favorites like Brown's Creek, Spring Creek, Town Creek, Seibold, Goose Pond, etc., often have a hard time finding the 2019 Elite Rookie of the Year.

Fact is, the Florida pro has strongly favored upriver spots ever since he and his team trail partner first laid eyes on Guntersville a handful of years ago. Thorough recon included an upstream visit, and Cook said it was love at first site.

“We put in down the lake, and we wanted to look at everything,” he said. “We ran all the way up there and once we got within sight of the B.B. Comer Bridge, it looked right. That’s where we focused a lot of our time, and we ended up winning two Reel Money championships (2016, 2017) up there.”

In this year’s Classic, Cook fished Guntersville’s upper third after the week’s big winds blew out some of his upriver stuff. That’s the risk you take when making a long run, but the potential goldmine is worth the effort.

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