Dock skipping tricks with Andy Montgomery

Where some see frames of metal and wood, spider web-strewn and draped with ropes, Andy Montgomery sees opportunity too enticing to ignore. When some grimace at the risk of snags, backlashes and fish-spooking bumps, he grins with confident expectation.

The difference? Montgomery’s one of the smoothest dock skippers you’ll ever meet.

I recently watched the Elite pro from Blacksburg, S.C., send a jig ticking across the water with the same smooth consistency with which a friend’s child sent his toy cars zipping across that track he got for Christmas.

Convinced of the dock game’s potential, he’s dialed in a system of surgical accuracy that enables him to maximize his time with rapid successions of precise presentations.

Yeah, he has a firm grasp of the tackle and technique elements, but it all starts with the package.

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