Fantasy Fishing

Fantasy Fishing: Who will catch ’em on Oahe?

So here we are at the last two events. Back-to-back weeks of Elites. Sort of sad when the season starts to come to an end. Can I make enough points to get in the Top 5 of our staff group? Not a chance. I’m so far down the list; it is so bad. Tommy Sanders is still running away with it. I don’t think anyone can catch him. Digital Editor Kyle Jessie is in the lead for Drain the Lake with Ronnie Moore very close behind.

One of our graphic designers for the magazines, Breanne Jackson, won the St. Lawrence event, Events Sr. Manager Ben Ashby came in second, and I came in third, which after the year I’ve had feels like a very small victory. I did win the columnist/pundits group at the last event at St. Lawrence River, so there’s that actual victory in a group of six people.

So back to South Dakota, I had no idea Lake Oahe was a smallmouth lake. Should this fact change my pick selections? Probably. Will it? Probably not. With only one previous Elite on Lake Oahe, my data spreadsheet for this one was very small.

I was out of the office last week at the Abu Garcia Bassmaster High School Championship presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors, so I’ve missed a lot of the office chatter on any conditions or updates from Oahe.


I went back and forth with my pick for St. Lawrence River between the two brothers and picked Cory there, so I will pick Chris here. They know smallmouth, right?

Backup pick – Taku Ito


While Seth Feider is an obvious choice here, Pirch had a third-place finish there in 2018. I’m going to pick the small amount of history over the fan fave this week.

Backup pick – Seth Feider


Going to choose the small amount of history on this one, too. Sumrall had a Top 15 finish here in 2018. I know I should probably pick Josh Douglas or Austin Felix, but I like the risk.

Backup pick – Chad Pipkens


He finished 16th here in 2018 and had a good finish at St. Lawrence. Hopefully, the momentum stays with him.

Backup pick – John Crews


Another history pick for me. He had a Top 25 finish here in 2018. A little bit of previous tourney experience has to help right?

Backup pick – Kyle Welcher

Mercury Bassmaster Drain the Lake Challenge

• Brandon Card
• Clifford Pirch
• Jake Whitaker
• Jason Christie
• Jason Williamson
• Micah Frazier
• David Fritts
• Jacob Foutz