New Fantasy Fishing group features


Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing adds new group features.

Cutoff date

Fantasy Fishing group creators will now be able to specify a cutoff date after which nobody can join their group. Every year we have group creators requesting this, since they get people who are high in the standings who find all of the prize groups and join them late in the season. Our answer in past years has been to add a group password when you no longer want new people to join, but this is an easier solution.

Remove Members 

The Fantasy Fishing group creator will now be able to remove a member from the group. This has also been highly requested. 

How to make a Fantasy Fishing group a Drain the Lake group

The creator of a group will have the opportunity to make a current Fantasy Fishing group a Drain the Lake Group as well. Also, you will have the option of creating a group strictly for one game or the other.