Fantasy Fishing: Seth Feider was the best pick at St. Clair

DETROIT, Mich. — You can win a decked out bass boat by winning Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing. Think about that. Carmeletia Winters of Greenville, Texas, won a 2019 Nitro bass boat for being the best Fantasy Fishing player of the 2019 season.

Do you want in on that? It’s only possible by playing Fantasy Fishing. Be sure to sign up in 2020 to have a shot at the event gift cards of $2,500 to Bass Pro Shops, or the season-ending boat package. 

The season started off with a new crop of anglers that we knew little about, but as the time went on, we learned more about them, and the Fantasy Fishing results speak for themselves.

It was an exciting season for sure, and to end it all on famed Lake St. Clair out of Detroit, Mich., was a treat for all of us. And the Elites put on a show.

Seth Feider was in his element and posted a very solid wire-to-wire victory to take home his second Elite Series trophy, and if you picked him on your Fantasy roster, you earned some serious points.

On the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year side of things, it was the tightest race in Elite Series history; literally coming down to the final day before newcomer Scott Canterbury claimed the coveted AOY title.

It’s been a fantastic season, and from all of us at Bassmaster, thank you for participating. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you as the best fans this sport could possibly have.

See you next year!

St. Clair Fantasy Winner: “Faron” with 1,461 points to earn a $2,500 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card.

Rank: No. 5,895

Bucket A: Seth Feider, 395 points

B: Keith Combs, 237

C: Hunter Shryock, 264

D: Cliff Prince, 285

E: Paul Mueller, 280

Total: 1,461

Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing’s 2019 Winner: “Carm60” won the 2019 Nitro bass boat package with a season-ending points total of 13,221. Congrats!

St. Clair’s Perfect Team:

Bucket A: Seth Feider, 395 points

B: Shane LeHew, 276

C: Hunter Shryock, 264

D: Cliff Prince, 285

E: Clark Wendlandt, 290

Total: 1,510


Seth Feider blew away the field with an impressive 77-pound, 15-ounce three-day limit of giant smallmouth bass. If there were one more day, Feider would be the only angler on the planet with a century belt comprised of only smallies. It was an incredible showing — Feider is likely the best big-water smallmouth fisherman on the planet. Nobody would argue that. He earned his loyal 20.2-percent ownership 395 points. Three hundred points for the win, 40 bonus points for the heaviest bag of the event (26-12) and another 40 bonus points for the biggest bass of the event (6-12) and 5 bonus points per day of tournament leadership for a grand total of 395 points.

Second-best choice: Stetson Blaylock was the second-best choice in Bucket A having earned his 4.4-percent ownership 295 points after a stellar second-place finish.

Worst choice: Bill Lowen was the lowest-scoring angler in this group. He earned his 0.9-percent ownership only 183 points after a touch 46th-place finish.


Shane LeHew ended a fantastic first season on the Elite Series, and St. Clair was no exception to his resume. LeHew earned 276 points for his 2.5-percent ownership after a solid sixth-place finish.

Second-best choice: Matt Arey was the second-highest scoring angler in this bucket with 260 points for a solid 10th-place finish for his 3.5-percent ownership.

Worst choice: Brandon Card was the lowest-scoring angler in this bucket having only earned 185 points for his 4.6-percent ownership after a tough 45th-place finish.


Hunter Shryock wrapped up his season with a very respectable ninth-place finish, which earned his 13.3-percent ownership 264 points.

Second-best choice: Jeff Gustafson was the second-best choice with 251 points for his bucket-dominating ownership at 34.1 percent thanks to a solid 13th-place finish.

Worst choice: Ray Hanselman was the lowest scoring angler after a difficult 50th-place finish that earned his 1.3-percent ownership only 175 points.


Cliff Prince capped off a great season by earning a spot in the 2020 Bassmaster Classic, and he earned his 1.1-percent ownership 285 points after a solid showing and a fourth-place finish at the derby.

Second-best choice: Mike Huff was the second-best selection in this bucket having earned his 0.8-percent ownership 272 points after a strong seventh-place finish.

Worst choice: Greg DiPalma was the lowest-scoring angler in this bucket after a tough 49th-place finish, which earned his 7.2-percent ownership 177 points.


Clark Wendlandt was the top selection in this bucket, and he really caught them at St. Clair. He posted a solid third-place finish, which earned his 3.3-percent ownership 290 points.

Second-best choice: Paul Mueller was the second-highest scoring angler in Bucket E with 280 points for his dedicated 49-percent ownership thanks to a fifth-place finish.

Worst choice: Tyler Rivet was the lowest scoring angler in this bucket having produced only 187 points for his 1.4-percent ownership after a tough 44th-place finish.