Luring in lunkers with Livesay

Catch up Lee Livesay as he brings 'em in on Day 2 of the 2022 Simms Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork!

Lee Livesay hammers day two of the 2022 Sims Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork.
The hometown hero has a hookset first thing to start off his morning.
Starting in the same spot as yesterday.
After a strong effort, Livesay realizes the fish he hooked has gotten wrapped up in a underwater tree.
He continues to yank and pull to try and break free.
At this point, he is convinced that the fish is gone and his lure is burried in the tree.
Taken by surprise, Livesay finally gets his lure free and the fish is still on the other end.
In the boat it goes. Livesay is on the board for today!
And it's a good one!
A cause for celebration as a crowd of boats cheer him on. Livesay's first fish of the day is over five pounds and he caught it on his second cast after getting it unwrapped from a tree.
Back in the water to continue filling that day two limit.
Similar to yesterday, Livesay is showing the fish multiple lures with various presentations.
Hooked up again.
But, this one is the wrong species.
After about half an hour, Livesay decides to let this spot rest and heads on to the next.
Shortly after arriving, Livesay hooks up.
And fish number two is in the boat!
Another five and change and Livesay is starting to quickly ramp up the leaderboard.
Not spending too much time in one place, Livesay heads to the next spot.
And immediately hooks up after arriving.
Fish number three is another stud.
Almost back-to-back, Livesay is hooked up again.
Similar to the first of the day, this fish also gets wrapped up in the trees.
And after some effort, Livesay breaks it free and sprints to land the fish.
Another good fish to add to the scoreboard.
After a short time, Livesay finds another one.
But not quite the size he's looking for.
Another hookup shortly after, and this one might be a big one.
After a long fight, Livesay finally has the fish beside the boat.
And lands it!
A seven pounder! Putting Livesay in first place by five pounds according to BASSTrakk.
With a livewell full and a five pound lead, Livesay is proving to be hard to stop. Follow alond to see how it all shakes out on day two of the 2022 Sims Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork.