Sabine: Social media roundup

We are less than 24 hours from the start of Elite stop No. 6, so we took a look around social media to see how practice has gone for the 104 anglers competing this week. Memorial Day marked the start of practice for the Folds of Honor Bassmaster Elite at Sabine River, and several anglers posted messages of gratitude for the sacrifices of service members and their families.
Some were even able to celebrate with friends and family on Memorial Day.
Just prior to the start of practice, Lee Livesay was able to participate in the Cast for Kids tournament on Lake Fork.
Livesay reported that his partner for the day, Anthony, was able to boat 11 catfish.
The Scott, Scott and Arey camp dug into the crawfish. Canterbury, Martin and Matt Arey have been traveling together for awhile…
… and are known for eating well while they’re at it.
Darold Gleason, Carl Jocumsen, Gerald Swindle and all their crews got into the crawfish too.
Kyle Norsetter with a platter full of mudbugs. This seems to be a right of passage anytime the Elites visit the Sabine River along the Louisiana/Texas border.
Time to get to work though, as the most recent champ here, Jason Christie, gasses up his rig for the likely long runs ahead.
Drew Cook waits for safelight, ready to continue his assault on the Progressive Angler of the Year title. He currently sits in second, hoping to do well here this week and maybe see leader Brandon Cobb stumble for the first time this season.
Derek Hudnall gives us a beautiful first look at the playing field.
Another from Brandon Card.
Mark Menendez notes the outpouring of hospitality that has become synonymous with Orange, Texas anytime the Elites visit here.
Though daybreak is beautiful, the sun doesn’t have to get high before it’s already hot. Water temps are in the mid 80s in places and the air temps are predicted to be in the low 90s by the weekend.
Kenta Kimura with another steamy look at the bayou.
Going to need to drink lots of water this week, Caleb Sumrall knows it.
Some water coming down at times during practice too.
This afternoon storm raged on day two of practice.
But the forecast looks good for the tournament, with only a slight chance until Sunday, and then a 50/50 shot on the final day.
Bill Lowen backs his boat in, likely having trailered a considerable distance from the main launch ramp to sample far off waters. The anglers will be spread out hundreds of miles from one another this week.
Mike Iaconelli’s practice got off to a rough start, dropping his phone in the river in the first 20 minutes. Fortunately for him, Sophia Kennedy (Elite Pro Steve Kennedy’s daughter) decided she’d dive in and look for it, and returned the phone to Ike several hours later. Read more on this and how Ike’s practice has gone at
A good shot from Clark Wendlandt of a froggy looking backwater.
Josh Douglas knows frogs will be on the menu this week as well.
Countless acres of winding creeks and flooded forests offer endless opportunities for anglers. But the bass are few and far between.
Clifford Pirch located a gator on a perch all his own.
Joey Cifuentes filmed himself hunting a croc down too …
… but his was of the rubber variety. I think the heat and the slow fishing might be getting to the guys.
Greg Hackney stumbled onto this giant gator trying to eat another less fortunate monster.
Ok, given this context, they’re probably closer to 3 feet than 13.
More of something you don’t see everyday, Chad Pipkens with a crustacean.
Pat Schlapper in a standoff with a crab as well.
With brackish water in parts of this fishery, there are all sorts of saltwater lifeforms around, like this redfish that Brandon Lester hooked into.
Here’s another red from Kyle Norsetter.
Bryan New got into a wad of everything but bass for awhile.
Here’s a mudfish.
And a flounder.
And a redfish.
Uh oh, here’s what New and others are looking for.
Jacob Foutz with a bass as well, but he seems less than enthused with the size.
Here’s a little better chunk from Kyle Norsetter. Bass have to be 12 inches long to keep, and anything in the 2-pound range like this one will be gold this week. 
Brandon Card showing off one just a bit bigger than his bait.
Jonathan Kelley with another not so big bass. Though this is a tough fishery, it’s always one of the most exciting events of the season when the Elites make their way to Orange, Texas. The crowds are huge and the anglers have to make high stakes moves, as they opt to play it close to home or run literally hundreds of miles to find the best fishing spots. Tune in tomorrow to see who can do the best with the hand they’re dealt.