McKinney’s Tundra smells like Toyota Bonus Bucks

The dozen Little Tree auto fresheners 19-year-old bass fishing phenom Trey McKinney has hanging from the rearview mirror of his Toyota Tundra makes it obvious he likes the inside of his cab to smell good.

“I mean look, let’s be honest, I kind of live out of this Tundra, and that sometimes includes wet rainsuits and scented lures, so the Little Trees are kind of a buffer to offset all those bad odors, and rather than throw the old ones away, I just keep collecting them,” grins the highly approachable Illinois pro.

His decision to buy a Toyota Tundra and sign up for the Toyota Bonus Bucks contingency program also has him collecting additional cash when he’s the highest placing Toyota owner in sanctioned tournaments like the Bassmaster Opens and Elite Series.

“I bought this Tundra because of the Bonus Bucks you can win, and because I was tired of my diesel breaking down. That’s a fact. And as a duck hunter, I’ve pulled two or three guys out of the mud with it too,” he grins.

McKinney used a wide variety of lures to finish sixth at the Harris Chain of Lakes, from an old school Chug Bug to a big glide bait, but when it comes to favorite scents of Little Trees, he chooses Leather and Black Ice.

Whatever the scent of Little Tree, there’s no doubt he may very well have the best smelling Tundra on tour. And there’s nothing stinky about winning Toyota Bonus Bucks either when you tow with a 2020 or newer Toyota tow vehicle and get registered like Trey did at