The plumber and the respectful


All photos Don Barone

“I grew up on a working man's wage…”

Dateline: The Banks Of Lake Lanier 

“Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts.”
- Confucius 

I grew up on a workingman’s block. 

Grew up in a home built by a workingman for a workingman, the distance between each house, about one and a half Chevy Impalas wide.

All the picture windows on the street lined up facing each other, they did so for better or for worse.

Up and down four times with the lawn mower took care of the front yard, the backyard had a blow up pool, a picnic table with splinters and the whispers of the other neighbors in other yards. 

I grew up on a workingman’s block, and I carry it to this day within my heart.

Just so you know.

“…blood, sweat and tears…” 

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