For Jerry

Field of Dreams

It is my belief that at this moment Jerry McKinnis has a baseball in his right hand, a baseball glove on his left.

It is my belief that at this moment he is on the highest mound there is and he has just taken the sign … and he is smiling.

R.I.P. Boss.

Jerry McKinnis passed away today.

The boss and I over the past dozen or so years had our moments, good and testy, about all things fishing, all things Bassmaster column-wise, but when it came to baseball …

… when it came to baseball, his other field of dreams, it was always a home run.

I remember the story I did about his baseball career, “My alleged career you mean db,” and found the team photo of the 1956 Seminole Oilers. There he was second from the left kneeling, a 19-year-old Sooner State League 11 for 11 pitcher, and my boss … Jerry McKinnis.