As I see it: Surreal scenes


All photos Don Barone

“A lot of times, real life is more surreal than writing.”
Jesmyn Ward

Dateline: AOY 2018 

Salvador Dalí once said something like this: Give me two hours of reality a day, and 22 hours to dream.

I don’t have good internet here or I would look the quote up, but what he said, yep, that’s my job.

Dance between reality and dreams, we all do it whether we admit it or not, the numbers may change between two and 22, lets hope, but if I’m honest, and you deserve that, I’m at 50/50, maybe 60/40…dreams in the lead over reality.

Just saying.

Here’s why, here’s my last 48 hours, dreams, reality.

It began here in the not so very cheap seats for an Elton John concert.