An urgent message to bass anglers and boaters from B.A.S.S.: Tell President Trump we don't want more E15

President Trump is evaluating changes to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), the law that mandates ethanol in our country's fuel supply.

B.A.S.S. members need to take action immediately to tell the Administration that more ethanol in our fuels is a bad idea. The ethanol industry is lobbying hard to allow for the expanded year-round sale of E15.

More ethanol in the fuels used in the boating and recreational fishing industry would have a devastating impact on the 12 million Americans who own boats and 46 million anglers across the nation. 

"While newer vehicles that are built for flex-fuel may be able to tolerate the higher ethanol blends, outboard manufacturers do not recommend it. For millions of people with older outboard engines like mine, E-10 is bad enough — but the results of mis-fueling with E15 could be catastrophic," said Gene Gilliland, B.A.S.S. Conservation Director.

Studies have proved that mid-level blends of ethanol, like E15, pose a significant threat to marine engines , including problems like scored pistons, damaged valves, deteriorated rubber lines and gaskets, as well as performance issues like increased emissions. 

Gilliland added, " Boating industry officials in Washington DC confirm that the administration is evaluating changes to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) that would allow the year-round sale of E15. Such an increase in the ethanol blend threatens thousands of outboard motors and other small engines like chainsaws and weed trimmers. Bass anglers and other boaters need to take action — now!" 

Boaters need to demand a stable supply of E10 and more availability of ethanol free fuel — not harmful E15 blends that damage their engines and boats. Do not let the fishing and boating industry be pushed aside in this fight to cap the ethanol blend! 

Click the link below and tell President Donald Trump, EPA Administrator  Scott Pruitt and your elected officials to keep the needs of boaters and anglers a priority in renewing fuel policy. 

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