Take action: Sign the ethanol petition

Use your voice to come out against raised ethanol levels by signing this petition.

A recent decision by the Obama Administration raised the required volume of ethanol in our nation's fuel supply to record levels, a direct threat millions of recreational boaters' outboard engines.

Boaters and anglers need to come together and deliver a clear and concise message to reform the ethanol mandate and to protect our boats and marine engines. Both Mercury and Yamaha have come out strongly against raising the ethanol levels and warn that fuels with greater than 10% ethanol can destroy marine engines.

Boating United has created the petition, urging the following commonsense reforms:

  • Ensuring that any future ethanol volumes do not exceed 9.7 percent of the nation’s total fuel supply.
  • Protecting true consumer choice at the pump by not artificially decreasing the supply of ethanol-free gasoline
  • Implementing new and more effective misfueling mitigation protections that will educate and protect all consumers.

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