Secrets of fall bass in the grass

by Dr. Brett Harris, TVA Aquatic Plant Program Manager

For many, spring is a bass fisherman’s favorite time of year. Football sized pre-spawn fish in big schools certainly sounds enticing, but on reservoirs with healthy populations of aquatic vegetation, fall is the time of year you need to be spending time out on the water. 

What makes this time of year so productive? Or better yet, why are some grass flats better than others for catching trophy-sized fish? In the South, no reservoirs hold more vegetation than those managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The fact is, fishing is a big reason why the Tennessee River watershed is worth about $12 billion to the local economy

We caught up with TVA aquatic plant specialist Dr. Brett Hartis, an avid angler and Program Manager of the Tennessee Valley Authority Aquatic Plant Management Program which covers seven southeast states. Below he tells us just what makes fall grass bassin’ so productive. 

1) Look for the cheese

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