Conservation News

Guadalupe bass back story

AUSTIN, Texas—The Texas state record Guadalupe bass measured 17.25 inches, weighed only 3.71 pounds, and was caught on fly fishing tackle from the Colorado River downstream from Austin. What might...

Conservation News

Shimano and B.A.S.S. offer scholarships

Expanding the qualifications to include both graduating high school seniors and those already enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, Shimano North American Fishing, Inc. is partnering with B.A.S.S. to award...

Conservation News

Cormorants’ impact on fisheries

PHOENIX, Ariz. – For two years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has been assessing whether to allow the states to once again cull troublesome cormorant populations on public...

Conservation News

Roosevelt Lake restoration

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Arizona fisheries managers don’t want to just resurrect the bass fishery at Roosevelt Lake. With the help of anglers and others, they want to make it even better....

Conservation News

Call-to-action for B.A.S.S. boaters

B.A.S.S. boaters call-to-action: In the wake of more outboard-damaging ethanol being blended into our gasoline supply, the Marine Industry has launched a campaign urging boaters to contact EPA and ask...

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