Wildlife Forever unveils access enhancement guidebook to prevent aquatic invasive species

White Bear Lake, Minn. — Wildlife Forever announces a new, innovative approach to aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention designed to evaluate watercraft accesses and integrate tools to help boaters and anglers. The Clean Drain Dry Access Enhancement Guidebook outlines a new program that takes a comprehensive review and evaluation process to determine the best suited cleaning stations, hand tools, and modernized signage to engage, educate, and empower. 

Endorsed by the American Sport Fishing Association, Yamaha Rightwaters, Major League Fishing, Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society, National Professional Anglers Association, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service, the program is poised to help county, state, and federal agencies, modernize access with much needed infrastructure to prevent spread of current AIS and those yet to arrive. 

“We’ve done enough surveys and ‘I promise pledges’ to know, boaters and anglers just need the tools. We’re a ‘toolcentric’ audience and there are no excuses as to why every boat access across America isn’t supplied with basic cleaning and AIS prevention tools,” said Pat Conzemius, President & CEO of Wildlife Forever. “We know agencies often lack capacity; this partnership approach can truly make a difference.”

Click here to view the guidebook. Organizations interested in Wildlife Forever’s access enhancement program and services can email or call to learn more.