2024 AFTCO x B.A.S.S. Conservation Grants

SANTA ANA, Calif. — The AFTCO x B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Grant Program continues in 2024 to support conservation initiatives throughout the country. The Conservation Grant Program was created in 2018 to help provide funds to approved freshwater bass conservation projects proposed by B.A.S.S. Nation clubs. To date, AFTCO’s total contribution to this program has exceeded $120,000 in grants. This partnership with B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation has actively contributed to the shared goals of AFTCO and B.A.S.S., fostering community and youth-oriented conservation projects that positively impact local fisheries.

The Grant Program provides financial support for stocking bass, habitat enhancements and ensuring that bass are properly cared for and returned to lakes and rivers in the best possible condition for future generations to enjoy. These efforts are coordinated locally with the aid of B.A.S.S Nation chapters, governmental fishing agencies, local businesses, and the valuable support of volunteers and youth organizations contributing their time and labor to the cause. “These grants are a great example of the efforts our B.A.S.S. Nation clubs are putting forth to enhance the fishing in their local lakes and reservoirs. Our state chapters are blessed to be associated with a company like AFTCO that takes conservation to heart. That continued commitment to the B.A.S.S. Nation and to the fishery resources that our sport depends on is unmatched.” said Gene Gilliland, B.A.S.S. Conservation Director

You can submit your conservation proposal HERE.  The deadline for entries is March 31, 2024. Proposals will be judged by a panel that includes representatives from B.A.S.S. and AFTCO. Please direct any questions to Gene Gilliland at ggilliland@bassmaster.com.