A look back at the “Go Outside Experience”

This past weekend, the vibrant W. 3rd Street transformed into an epicenter of outdoor enthusiasm and family fun, thanks to the “Take the Kids to the Expo Go Outside Experience.” Sponsored by our friends at MTN DEW, the event offered a perfect blend of activities that catered to both the young and the young at heart, illustrating the community’s passion for the great outdoors.

Photographed by David A. Brown

A leap into fun: The Super Retriever Series

One of the event’s highlights was the exhilarating Super Retriever Series dog jumping competition. This crowd-pleaser saw athletic canines sprinting down a dock to leap into a pool of water, captivating attendees as they were judged on the impressive distances they traveled. The spirited competition not only showcased the remarkable bond between handlers and their dogs but also provided a thrilling spectacle that had the crowd cheering for more.

Photographed by David A. Brown

Educational encounters: Fish and Wildlife presentations

The Expo wasn’t just about high-energy activities; it also served as an educational platform. Fish and wildlife presentations offered invaluable insights into the natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding among attendees. These sessions highlighted the importance of conservation and introduced families to the wonders of the environment, encouraging future generations to become stewards of our planet.

Photographed by Grant Moxley

Meet the influencers: A MTN DEW special

In a special collaboration, MTN DEW brought together some of the most popular bass fishing influencers, providing fans with a unique opportunity to meet their heroes in person. These meet-and-greet sessions were a testament to the fishing community’s camaraderie, allowing fans to connect with influencers, share stories, and gain tips from some of the best in the sport.

Photographed by David A. Brown

A resounding success

The “Take the Kids to the Expo Go Outside Experience” was more than just an event; it was a celebration of outdoor life and community spirit. With activities that appealed to all ages and interests, the Expo successfully brought together families, fishing enthusiasts, and nature lovers, creating lasting memories and a shared appreciation for the great outdoors.

Photographed by David A. Brown

As we look back on this remarkable weekend, it’s clear that the combination of thrilling competitions, educational opportunities, and community engagement set the “Take the Kids to the Expo Go Outside Experience” apart as a standout event. Thanks to the support of MTN DEW and the enthusiasm of all involved, this Expo has not only succeeded in its mission but has also laid the groundwork for future events that will continue to inspire and unite outdoor enthusiasts for years to come.