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Finnesse rigs to catch more bass

Social skills 101 tells us it’s usually a big disconnect when the conversation turns heavy. But for bass anglers, it’s the exact opposite. Why? Because the spectrum of techniques for...

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Schooler strategies

No angler wants to admit they got schooled; but schooling the schoolers — yeah, that’s fuel for the fire. Schooling activity has probably accounted for an inordinate number of chiropractor...

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The second topwater season

The first topwater blitz of the year happens in springtime during the prespawn and immediate postspawn phases. The topwater bite subsides in summertime, but it gets back into full swing...

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Cold water finesse jigs

A majority of Bassmaster Elite Series pros would probably say that a jig-and-pig is their “desert island” lure, the one they’d take with them if plopped down on a random...

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Foggy morning breakdown

Chill autumn nights often result in foggy fishing mornings. Some anglers view casting in a cloud as enchanting and mysterious, while others may see it as unnerving. The upside to...

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Small swimbaits for big bass

From the seasoned tournament veteran to the recreational angler, the concept of “matching the hatch” has been ingrained into our bass fishing ideology. And despite the trendiness of catching giant...

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Heavy jigs for big bass

Finesse the winter bite, they say. Suffer through. It can be painfully slow, but it puts fish in the boat. Some anglers aren’t wired that way, and bucking the trend...

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