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My offseason passion

Everyone has a passion aside from their career. It just so happens even Bassmaster Elite Series pros, like myself, toil in other activities during our free time. Other than spending...

Bass Life

Offseason downtime

Downtime: Everybody needs it to avoid getting burned out. Job burnout is real. Everyone lives for the weekend. From February through October I don’t have much downtime, especially on weekends....

Bass Life

Fishing Towns: Dandridge, Tenn.

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. — All it takes is reviewing B.A.S.S. tournament history of Jefferson County, Tennessee, to confirm it is indeed home to two bass fishing towns. Since 1981, Dandridge and...

Bass Life

Fishing towns: Waddington, N.Y.

WADDINGTON, N.Y. — The Village of Waddington, N.Y., lists its permanent resident population at 972. This week that number could swell to an astounding 34,972. Bass fishing is the likely...

Bass Life

Fishing towns: Huntingdon, Tenn.

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. – Take Exit 108 off Interstate 40 and turn onto Tennessee State Highway 22. Out there, amongst the perfectly symmetrical rows of corn and soybeans, the section of highway...

Bass Life

Fishing towns: Dayton, Tenn.

DAYTON, Tenn. – These are historic times for the tiny town of Dayton, Tennessee. Nearly 400 anglers are crossing the stage for weigh-in during the Bass Pro Shops Southern Open...

Bass Life

Cliff Pirch: Elk guide

Much like bass fishing, patience pays off when Pirch is a guide for elk hunts.

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