How I will fish Table Rock

I’ve got to catch one bass to earn points at this event and make it to the Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods. It’s a really good feeling knowing I’m that close to qualifying for another Super Bowl of Bass Fishing. It would be my fourth in five years. The Classic being in my home state makes it even better. I’ve had some solid finishes in the Opens this year and am thankful for this new Open Championship format this season. 

Table Rock is our playing field this week, and it is really not fishing how I was anticipating this week – it’s weird. The air temperatures are low but all the leaves are still on the trees and very green. The water temps are in the high 60s, so I think the fish are leaving their summer haunts but haven’t made it to where they’ll feed this fall yet. It’s transition time, and I do think the fishing will get better as the event wears on.

I’ve caught all three species here in practice – largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. I’m actually planning to fish much differently than I thought I would be coming in. The original plan was to fish for largemouth, but it looks like spotted bass will be the plan now. That could change though.

My goal is to catch that first fish on Day 1 and then hope to catch 10-11 pounds or so and then see where things pan out from there. I like to set attainable goals at each event.

I’ve got several topwaters on the deck of my boat. From buzzbaits to whopper ploppers, stuff like that. A shakey head always plays, basically junk fishing. Covering water will be key as these fish are moving around. Hopefully I can run into some quality fish during the day and then refine a bit how I target them. It will take my full arsenal of MHX Rods to notch a good finish this week.

Y’all stay tuned and see how we catch them this week. It will be a great event to learn a thing or two from the guys who do well this week.