Tension growing for Blaylock

Stetson Blaylock has just over an hour left of fishing time. 

It’s an all-important hour. Right now I believe he’s neck and neck with Scott Canterbury. 

Of course I feel Blaylock’s weight is light in BassTrakk. Having no knowledge of Canterbury’s sack, I have to take BASSTrakk at its word. 

Because it is so close the tension is palatable in the camera boat. 

Blaylock has a squeaker in the well and virtually any keeper is an upgrade. Kyle Johnston, my laid-back boat driver, just told me, “I’m so nervous right now.”

We, of course, know how close it is. Blaylock may suspect. But it’s a good bet, he thinks he’s further behind.

At the moment, all these miles on the water, all the missed fish and exciting moments boil down to this last hour and whether or not Blaylock culls and with what size. 

If it doesn’t happen, then the scales get to decide in what has been one of the closest contests in recent memory.