Team Redneck throws down gauntlet

James Overstreet and I (better known as Team Redneck) have spent a full day of practicing on Lake Wheeler.


Both of us are veterans of these type games, each with about 30 years of experience. We’ve spent more than our fair share of hours running around lakes and rivers trying to figure out the latest, best pattern on the latest, best lake or river. Bah-rone may not realize it, hell we may not realize it, but Team Redneck is a legitimate set of anglers.


(Hey Bah-rone, “pattern” is basically a constant repetition of what the fish are doing in a specific fishery)  As for Wheeler, as far as we can tell, the pattern is a very definitive not-biting anything. But we aren’t deterred. Not for one minute.


We understand you have signed up and teamed up with a local stud. That’s certainly okay with Team Redneck. We have faced more difficult odds than this in our days together.


You are old enough to probably remember Custer’s last stand. Just as assuredly as he whispered, “not another Indian” in your youth, you will surely utter “not another redneck” by the end of the weekend.


And justly, we accept your challenge or “duel” as we southern gentlemen like to refer to it. You mention you have purchased a 7-day Alabama license. Team Redneck has purchased a 365-day license each and we welcome the duel for as long as it will last.


To be honest, we are actually happy about it. Our practice has sucked. I can’t come up with a more descriptive superlative than that. The suckiness of it will surely get better the moment this tournament is over, so expect us on the dueling field the moment you are ready.