A little altercation between KVD and Ike

One of the most interesting parts of the day for me was witnessing a little altercation between arguably the two most popular guys in fishing -- Kevin VanDam and Mike Iaconelli. 


Kevin had departed his key spot from Day 1 and 2 (and where he started the day today). Ike came into the area while no one was there today. Soon after that, Kevin came back and started working again on his little honey hole. Ike was out in the main channel and began moving toward shore, in the process getting very close to the honey hole. Kevin then moved his boat in front of Ike, in what appeared to be an effort to protect the spot. Then Kevin said, "You think that's cool?" Ike responded with "C'mon man, be nice." After that, some choice words were exchanged and Ike headed out the door. 


Steve Bowman and I think Ike didn't realize he was passing over the spot where Kevin had done much of his bass whacking in this tournament. In fact, he may have just been passing through the area. A few minutes after Ike left, Kevin looked up sort of thoughtfully and said, "I think he's having a bad day." And in fact at that point, about 12:30, Ike was indeed having a tough day with only one or two small fish in the livewell. No lack of excitement at BASSfest today!

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