Final thoughts on Evers' Day 4

We just left Edwin Evers. He's busting it back to check in and we peeled off for the Coles Creek ramp. BassTrakk shows Evers holding the lead by more than 2 pounds. But we all know the BassTrakk numbers are subject to error and sandbaggers.


Evers was fishing like he believed he hadn't held onto the lead, and appeared frustrated when he last pulled out.


If he does lose it's not because of anything he did today. He fished very hard and the fishing was tougher on many of the guys here on Championship Sunday.


But that 4 pounder he lost near the boat first thing on Saturday morning could still be haunting him. I believe that'd be the case for most anglers.


Watch the weight-in starting now on and let's find out how this story plays out. I'm still thinking Mr. Evers has this deal.