Evers fishing Grand Central Station

Photo by Jim Sexton


The area Edwin is concentrating on is where a big bay funnels down and the creek flows under a bridge.


It's also one of the busiest intersections on the lake. We've seen two of our Elite guys idle by (Jones and Feider). But we've also seen a constant stream of pleasure boaters from big ski boats, party barges, walleye boats, jet skis and every make and model of boat floating in Canada that isn't designated as a yacht or ship.


Some motor through. Others wave. And every other one actually motors over his fishing line.


Evers takes it in stride. He actually looks at us and smiles and shakes his head. Not much he can do about it anyway except move.


He's fishing an area where people come and go the whole time. That's the negative.


From a fishing standpoint you don't know if it's negative or positive. It might play mind games with you a bit when a flatbottom runs over your line with a girl in a bikini on the bow.


But the area is always so busy you would have to think the smallmouth are used to it. The disturbance, though, could get baitfish to move or scatter and that can help.


He's caught three quality bites here and probably only needs two more to seal the deal.


His biggest worry is not getting run over by a crazy Canadian. Meanwhile here comes a yacht.