Sinkers and swimmers

As the final hours of the season wind down, it will be a photo finish for the last Bassmaster Classic berths. This following was done at about 1 p.m. CT, it probably changed as it was being compiled, and it was put together from BASSTrakk, which is notoriously unofficial.


But it does give you an idea of what’s happening around that 40th spot in the AOY standings for the season, where you’re in the Classic and everyone below you is out, for now.


The logjam looks something like this, based on the numbers below: 43. Brandon Card 468 points, 41. (tie) Gerald Swindle and Scott Rook 471, 40. Mark Menendez 476, 39. Brandon Lester 478, 38. Mike Iaconelli 479, 37. Billy McCaghren 480, 36. Josh Bertrand, 481, 35. Marty Robinson 482.


This is a rundown of the anglers competing for the last Classic spots, based on their AOY points coming into the event, and updated with now outdated information from around 1 p.m.:


50. Ish Monroe – 380 points coming in, 23rd now, giving him 455 points. Trend: After a valiant effort, he’s underwater.


49. Mark Menendez – 381 points coming in, 6th now, giving him 476 points. Trend: On the verge of swimming the English Channel.


48. Jeff Kriet – 385 points coming in, 27th now, worth 74 points, giving him 459 points. Trend: Needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


47. Jonathon VanDam – 388 points coming in, 30th now, worth 71 points, giving him 459. Trend: On his last breath.


46. Morizo Shimizu – 392 points coming in, 41st now, worth 60 points, giving him 452. Trend: Has an anchor attached to both legs.


45. Mike Iaconelli – Had 396 points coming in,18th now, worth 83 points, giving him 479. Trend: Still swimming strong.


44. Steve Kennedy – 398 points coming in, 37th place now, worth 64 points, giving him 462. Trend: Sinking


43. Ott DeFoe – 400 points coming in, 16th now, worth 85 points, giving him 485. Trend: Backstroking into the Classic.


42. John Murray – 401 points coming in, 49th now, worth 52 points, giving him 452 points. Trend: The Edmund Fitzgerald


41. Gerald Swindle – 402 points coming in, 32nd now, worth 69 points, giving him 471. Trend: Swimming, but sharks all around him.


40. Todd Faircloth – 403 points coming in, 6th now, worth 95 points, giving him 498 points. Trend: In like Flynn.


39. Brandon Coulter – 404 points coming in, 44th now, worth 57 points, giving him 461 points. Trend: Barely keeping his nose above water.


38. Scott Rook – 404 points coming in, 34th now, worth 67 points, giving him 471 points. Trend: Hanging on to a life raft.


37. Marty Robinson – 407 points coming in, 26th now, worth 75 points, giving him 482 points. Trend: Swimming close to shore.


36. Josh Bertrand – 407 points coming in, 27th now, worth 74 points, giving him 481 points. Trend: Swimming right behind Robinson.


35. Mark Davis – 412 points coming in, 30th now, worth 71 points, giving him 483 points. Trend: His toes are touching solid ground.


34. Billy McCaghren – 413 points coming in, 34th now, worth 67 points, giving him 480 points. Trend: Head is above water, but he’s right at the cutline.


33. Brandon Card – 414 points coming in, 47th now, worth 54 points, giving him 468 points. Trend: Sinking like a stone.


32. Chad Pipkens – 415 points coming in, 7th now, worth 94 points, giving him 509 points: Trend: On the beach, toweling off his fabulous hair.


31. Brett Hite – 417 points coming in, 22nd now, worth 79 points, giving him 496. Trend: On the beach, still breathing hard from nearly drowning on Day 1.


30. Brandon Lester – 423 points coming in, 46th now, worth 55 points, giving him 478 points. Trend: Close to shore, but he’s cramping.


29. James Elam – 428 points coming in, 5th now, worth 96 points, giving him 524 points. Trend: His sprint to the finish is complete.


28. Boyd Duckett – 429 points coming in, 42nd now, worth 59 points, giving him 488 points. Trend: Walking up the beach, but he had a very short swim.


27. Micah Frazier – 432 points coming in, 45th now, worth 488 points. Trend: Like Duckett, Frazier has survived after a quick dip.

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