Powroznik switching gears, catches 5th

Jacob Powroznik has moved into a creek where Randall Tharp has been camped the last two days. At least that's who we think is barely in sight, on the opposite side of the creek. Powrozik is switching gears a bit, not in his fishing methods, just his immediate goal.


"I've been trying to catch a big one," Powroznik said before he moved here. "I think I've got a spot where I can catch 13 or 14 pounds."


So that's his target right now. We can't stay with him any longer today. Overstreet and I have got an oil slick on us that needs to be washed off before the weigh-in.


And just as I typed that, Powroznik set the hook and landed his fifth fish. He estimates he's got 10 pounds.

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