Davis' Table Rock magic bait

Mark Davis said Friday that he was using a combination of bait-and-technique that he doubted anyone else in this tournament was using. He has been getting between 60 and 80 bites a day every day. It's no wonder that Davis has hardly cast anything else.


Shown in the accompanying photo is his Table Rock Lake magic bait: a Strike King Rage Tail TwinTail Menace grub combined with a BOSS football head swing jig, both in green pumpkin.


Davis has been swimming the jig instead of dragging it or hopping it along the bottom, usually in about 10 feet of water.


The grub combines a pair of thin, flat appendages with a ribbed body to create a good crawfish imitation. The free-swinging hook on the football head jig apparently adds a more lifelike quality to the combo.


Everybody in the fishing world knows of Strike King but maybe not the Rage Tail TwinTail Menace grub.


BOSS products are less well-known. They can be found at fishingskirts.com, under BOSS products, football head jigs.