Zen Master update

We've caught up with the Zen Master, Rick Clunn. According to BassTrakk, he's our leader at the moment with 16.12 of bass today. Rick is fishing off a point right now, and we've watched him change rods three times in about 10 minutes.


It's pretty cool to see the old guys leading this deal--Clunn today and Zell Rowland moved into the lead for part of the weigh-in yesterday. Earlier this week, Don Barone and I were debating about running a story on how this year's stellar rookie crop is putting a lot of pressure on the Elite veterans. As you probably know, newcomers Brett Hite and Jacob Powroznik won two of the four Elites this year.


We decided to run the story, just in case one of the old guys won this week. At this moment that looks like a good decision.


The story is called "Footsteps." You can find it here. It's a great story, an age old tale that happens in every sport, where rookies chase the veterans and sometimes inspire them to great heights.