Hackney upgrades again

Greg Hackney may spend the rest of the day here, the way he's talking - and catching fish - right now. He described this area as a big shallow flat. It's got several dead trees sticking up in the middle of it, and several more that aren't showing above the water. We've skidded over the top of a half-dozen.
Hackney confirmed that the fish he caught a few minutes ago was a "solid 4-pounder." He just culled again with what looked to be a solid 3-pounder.
This is a lesson in how these guys "manage fish" over a four-day tournament. Hackney hasn't fully explored this area, which he found in practice. He's dipped in here a few times during the tournament for some key fish, but he's obviously been saving it for today.
Hackney is throwing a Strike King Heavy Cover Series square-bill crankbait now. It's what he caught that last 3-pounder on.
Some guys know exactly what their bag weight is during the day. Hackney isn't one of those guys. When asked what he thought he had, Hackney said, "I have no idea."
We're guessing 12 to 14 pounds.

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