Hackney moves to his sweet spot

Greg Hackney has moved further up Lake Dardanelle to the cut just past the mouth of Piney Creek. It looks like he's throwing a spinnerbait, but it may be a bladed jig. He upgraded on one of his firsts casts with his biggest fish of the day. Maybe a 4-pounder.


He came up here yesterday and culled three times. It's an area he said he has micro-managed this week. He didn't want to come in here yesterday, but he didn't feel like he had enough weight. And he was, obviously, correct. Those three culls allowed him to go into today with a 13-ounce lead over Rick Clunn.


Hackney just directed us to stay away from a log as we follow him in here.


"I've caught a quarter of my fish this week off that log," he said.

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