Clunn's arsenal

This morning Rick Clunn is alternating between throwing a crankbait and a spinnerbait. He's working his way down the bank of Piney Creek now, with its rocky banks. It looks like both baits are from Luck-E-Strike. And that would make sense because Rick is a Luck-E-Strike guy.
In the photo is a Luck-E-Strike RC2. (As we later learn) Rick is throwing the RC4 which is a little bigger. It's a square-bill crankbait designed by Clunn and Bobby Dennis. In case you're slow like me, the RC in the name stands for Rick Clunn. Our boat driver Tim Preator called it his favorite square-bill. "They've made a lot of money off me," he laughed.
It probably goes without saying, but a signature bait is a testament to a long and successful career.