Suddenly, it's loud out here

All the sudden it sounds like there's a party going on in Woodbury Creek, with all the screaming and shouting. Mike Iaconelli has been trusting his instincts all week, so he left the main river and caught a 3 1/2-pound largemouth on his first stop. Oh, yeah, it got loud. Iaconelli can sound like a crowd all by himself, but he's got an entourage today, of course.

"Decisions, decisions," Iaconelli yelled. "It's all about decisions on these tidal waters. Trust your gut. Don't fish your history."

Those words have probably been running through Ike's brain all week, on an endless loop. After starting  the day with 37 pounds exactly, he's got 40 1/2 now. And that might be enough to win this deal.