Reese and Combs struggling today

Skeet Reese felt like his AOY chances faded yesterday. Keith Combs' chances are dwindling today. Combs was in 22nd place with 16-12 on Day 1. He just trolled past Reese and said he's got only two bass today.


Reese has a limit now and has culled two of his "rats," but he's still only got about 10 pounds for the day. Reese said his fate may have been sealed in practice when he got on a strong bite in shallow water for two straight days, and didn't see anyone else fishing where he was. That pattern, however, has failed to hold up.


"I thought 16 to 17 pounds a day was very doable, and I was seeing some 4- and 5-pounders shallow," Reese said. "I didn't spend any time out in deeper water."

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