It ain't over yet

After visiting with Overstreet and Wright, we've come to the firm conclusion that this event is far from over.


Hackney leads right now, probably by about 3 pounds.


Faircloth is pulling up second and no one else can catch Hackney but him. He still needs to get rid of a 2-pound class fish, preferrably by something that is 5 or better.


If that happens then we have a close finish. We know it can happen, because a late, big-fish bite has happened all week.


In the last hour and a half Faircloth has had 7 bites just none big enough. Hackney has had 7 bites all day, almost all of them big.


With an hour and a half to go, it still boils down to any last-minute heroics that Faircloth can muster. And we are sure he's hoping the big one will finally show up.

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