On the road

It's an hour before we take off and I'm on the road, driving to the other side of Bay de Noc. I'll hook up with Todd Faircloth when I get there. I'll remind those who could have forgotten or didn't know, Faircloth stroked the fish over there on Day 1. He needs a similar or better day, while hoping for a stumble on Hackney's to overtake the lead.  It could happen, but we may not be able to see it take place on BassTrakk. Faircloth is in a dead zone and on Day 1; we couldn't even get a whisper of cell service.


That will likely be the case today. We will be out of sight and contact and I'm assuming Faircloth will catch them just as strong as before. Hopefully, we will be able to get some word out, either through smoke signals or luck. This promises to be an interesting day.

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