Changing conditions

The temp has dropped 9 degrees in Faircloth's primary area from what it was on Day 1. That affects these bass like it does any others. Faircloth is having to slow down. So is Hackney, putting down his moving baits from Day 1 and slowing down to  soft plastics today. Through the normal evolution of a tournament, anglers are more tuned in to what's going on, adjusting to minor changes in the conditions every day. This morning, they had to jump back out on the water, relocate their fish and figure out news ways to trigger bites. It seems as though they are all figuring the fish out again at the same time. Some of that spike in activity directly relates to the sun finally coming out to stay. With everything from 7 months of competition to the last three days of cancelations behind us, it looks like the 2014 Toyota Angler of the Year race is going to continue on all the way til the scales lock in for the final time this season. This has been an interesting one.