Davy Hite's boat

We've been running around the lower end of the lake looking for Aaron Martens, which is harder than it sounds.


The rainy, dark conditions, combined with the myriad of small creeks and coves, allow this lake to swallow up anglers.


We finally saw the tell-tale signs of two Power Poles sticking up and made our way to the boat.


From a distance I could see an "Advance" wrap that Davy Hite has on his boat. We shut down and quietly snuck up on him, hoping to not spook his fish. He was bundled up in a rain suit and casting away. After several minutes we were close enough to ask "Davy, how many do you have?"


The reply was shocking: "I ain't Davy."


A little flabbergasted, I said, "Well, that's Davy's boat."


"Used to be," came the reply. "I bought it from him last year."


What are the chances?


I asked the guy why he picked today to fish in the rain. He said, "The morons in my club decided to fish against the big boys."


To that point, the club angler had a 5-pound spot in his well.


We're off to find an Elite.

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