With Biffle

We are way up the river with Biffle. For the most part he's been running bays throwing a spinnerbait, occasionally picking up a jig when he comes to a lay down.

He's battling an influx of mud and debris. The river is flowing pretty good and there's everything that will float coming down with it. That means the water is rising.


The cool rain may have dropped the water temp too. It's at 58 degrees, but the sun is shining.


In some ways this is classic Biffle conditions but the rising water and dropping temp may have him in a bit of a corner.


Right now he's in a backwater lake off the main river. It's shallow and the mud is pouring in. My guess he's hoping there is clearer water in the back.


He's asked us to stay back. So we can't verify. Either way, it looks like he's scrambling.

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