BassGold insights into West Point Lake

We won't really know what these anglers are using and how they are using them until this event gets a day or two older. But Jay Kumar is our consummate pattern master. His web site has been a God-send to anglers who like plying new water and want to get some usable information on what could or should be working.


According to BassGold:


  • The Highest percentage of tournaments are won putting together these three elements: Jig, shallow water and wood.
  • If you like have a flipping or pitching stick in your hand, then this might be a lake for yourself.
  • The BassGold Pattern Report for April/May shows if you have a jig in your hand at least part of the time, you have a 200- to 300-percent better chance of winning than if not.


A big part of BassGold reports takes into account the shad spawn. If that is taking place or the remnants of one is still around, then swimbaits, spinnerbaits and topwaters will likely be a factor. Again, we will know more once some of these anglers become more forthcoming. See more BassGold analysis of West Point Lake.

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