The layout of Lake Muskegon

Lake Muskegon is 4,150 acres in size, and basically runs east to west. It is fed by the Muskegon River and flows into Lake Michigan. Photographer Darren Jacobsen, boat driver Mike Elkins and I are concentrating on the east end, where we've been observing Edwin Evers and Cliff Pace work the twin river channels formed by the river. We haven't seen them catch anything.


We're working our way up river, through a very shallow area. Around the bend there's a warm-water discharge from a coal-fired electric plant, which is creating some thick fog on this cool morning and also some current, of course.


Elkins says this spot always attracts a couple of anglers in every tournament on Muskegon. We can now see Bobby Lane, well, the outline of Bobby Lane, backlit in the fog by the bright sunshine on a cloudless morning.

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