Fisherman's Landing hot spot

Fisherman's Landing is the place where most tournaments are held on Lake Muskegon, according to our boat driver Mike Elkins, who resides in Kalamazoo and fishes here often. Because of that, Fisherman's Landing is often off-limits for local tournaments. But it's not for this one.


And it's an area that has caught Chris Zaldain's attention. We are watching him drop shot an area just below a giant pile of rock and salt that is set for road application in the coming winter. Zaldain just caught a short fish. He has three in the boat that weigh about 5 1/2 or 6 pounds, he said.


Elkins refers to the bass here as "retreads," fish that have been caught elsewhere, but released here at various other tournaments. But whether retreads or newbies, there's a lot of fish in this deep channel.


Alton Jones just left this spot. He said he had one keeper. Mike Iaconelli is just around the corner, with lot of observer boats. Kevin VanDam was near here until about 30 minutes ago. He sped out with an entourage of followers.

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