Cherry "having a ball"

Hank Cherry has moved back up the lake into Whitehall Marina. I had a moment to chat with him and get the details of the lures he's working this morning.

- That last largemouth came on a Brian's Bees chatterbait.

- The swimbait that has produced most of his fish is a 4-inch Damiki in anchovy shad.

- He did miss a good fish earlier that grabbed a Senko and didn't get the hook. The bass jumped and spit out the Senko a few feet from where it grabbed it.

- He's also throwing a jerkbait some, and caught his first bass on a topwater bait, but hasn't thrown it again since early morning.

Cherry basically is imitating shad with all the white lures of various types.

"That's what they're primarily feeding on now," Cherry said.

As to his immediate plans, he said, "Just keep having fun. I'm having a ball."

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