Pirch still confident

Just caught a quick word with Clifford Pirch as he prepared to make another move here in the sight of Robert Moses Dam, the eastern boundary of the tournament waters. Even though Pirch had 22 pounds by this time yesterday, he hasn't lost faith.


"The wind may have moved them around some," Pirch said, "but they're still here."


Pirch has been targeting structure in depths of about 25 feet.


Our boat driver, Dean Meckes, is a veteran of these waters. Well, not exactly these waters. We are farther east than Meckes has ever been on the St. Lawrence River. In fact. Meckes just got a surprise when he looked on his Lowrance GPS and saw waypoints that he'd stored from fishing Lake Champlain. We were only 75 miles, as the crow flies, from the north end of Champlain. 

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