Battle of the Young Guns

Today's Top 12 could be called the battle of the young guns. The top five, Brandon Palaniuk, JVD, Cliff Pirch, Chad Pipkins, and Kevin Hawk, are all under 30. Also in the top 12 are Ott DeFoe and Josh Bertrand, under 30 as well.
Does this signal a changing of the guard? Well the top 10 in AOY standings is a decidedly more mature crowd. In other words these younger guys have not been as consistent.
On a related note, the first and second place leaders are the same today as we had on day four at Green
Bay in 2012 -- Palaniuk and JVD. VanDam won that one. It's going to be fun to see how this one plays out today. Today it's Palaniuk's game to lose.

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