Jason Christie update

I just jumped in the boat with Jason Christie to run a video camera until a real cameraman showed up. Thankfully that didn't last more than an hour.
Christie is having a dream day. His plan was to flip bushes. He caught a small limit like that yesterday. He was in the pocket over from where he is now. When he moved to this pocket he said for about 400 yards the fish were schooling. He expected them to be spots.  He decided he'd finish out his limit.  His first four casts produced three 2 1/2 pounders.
Christie settled in, obviously. He's since caught at least 15 keepers for a total of 18 or so pounds in the Livewell.
The best is a 5-pound class fish. He caught that one swimming a grub. He's currently swimming the grub in the back of this bay, waiting for the big blacks to come up. Then he switches to topwater walking bait.
We've not see him catch one yet. But he's chasing every break he sees.

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