A-Mart running on empty

Most people turn into zombies when sleep-deprived. Aaron Martens gets hyperactive. He has talked all week about his lack of sleep due to the preparation time he's devoted to winning this tournament. Oh, yeah, he won the 2013 AOY title Saturday on his 41st birthday. So there was a celebration dinner and a speech to give last night. And his wife, Lesley, had driven the kids to Detroit Saturday, unexpectedly. Martens was, of course, overjoyed by everything that happened yesterday. But once again there was little time for sleep. "I got 3 1/2 hours," Martens said at takeoff Sunday. "I've had 20 hours sleep since last Sunday night. I had to do a lot of stuff last night. I'd start to do something, then I'd forget what I was going to do." I'd bet he hasn't forgotten how to catch smallmouth bass from Lake Erie. But if ever there was a day when it didn't matter whether A-Mart caught a fish, it is this one. When you start the season with an 85th-place finish and somehow rally to win AOY, enough said, job done.

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