The tortoise vs. the hare

With Tommy  Biffle, as he predicted, off to a hot start, this is shaping up to be a tortoise vs. hare race. Aaron Martens hasn't been catching many fish -- 15 or 20 a day. And it has been a grind for him. One here, one there.


I don't imagine Biffle has been often compared to a rabbit, but he's clearly the rabbit today.


Martens has been throwing a bit of everything, from a Spook to a drop shot, and still doesn't have a keeper.


"I think by 8:30 it'll be over," Biffle smack-talked at takeoff this morning. "(Aaron) might not have his lures tied on by then."


Biffle also said he's gunning for a 20-pound bag, after three days when only Brandon Palaniuk hit the 18-pound mark and 14 pounds was a good day.


It all shapes up for an interesting final, especially with predictions of more rain at some point today.

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